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Purchase electricity using your devices like phones, tablets and computers at any time and place of convenience. You can earn money by selling on our platfrom. Click here to learn more about our merchant accounts

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Easy and convenient

How to buy units for your meter or pay your electricity bills on powershop

  • No signups. Make one time purchase

    You can purchase electricity for your prepaid meters, pay your postpaid bills and collect your reciepts without having to go through the hassle of signing up. Enter your meter or account number, the amount, your location, phone number (yes, to recieve your reciept number) above and click on buy now button.

  • Easy signup and earn discounts

    A one click registration process. Manage your account, buy electricity for your prepaid meters, pay your postpaid bills and collect your reciepts under your registered account and get discounts for your purchases.

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Our Merchants

Become a partner and earn money by selling on our website

You can register as a merchant to access our services. This allows you sell electricity on our channels e.g Website, mobile app and vending kiosk. Once you have registered we will need to verify your account through telephone call. You will receive an approval email containing the details of your account.

Merchant can purchase their electricity for resale at a discounted rate. For example, a merchant buys units worth N10,000 from Powershop® and then gets a discount when selling to the end users

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Now you can buy electricity wherever you are thanks to the free easy-to-use Powershop App.